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I am a librarian for my local public library, and I usually work behind the information desk. We’ve just opened that morning, and since I’m not getting too many people coming up to me, I walk around the library to see who needs help. Spoiler: You’d be amazed how many people not only ask for computer help, but expect us to write their documents for them. I’m walking around the computers when this woman asks for me.

Woman: Hey! Can you help me?
Me: Sure. With what?
She points to her screen. She’s taking some kind of test.
Woman: Do you know which of these is the right answer?
Me: No, ma’m. I’m afraid not off the top of my head. You need to take your own test.
Woman: It says anger and stress can cause a heart attack when you’re still young!
Me: No kidding.
(The person sitting next to her snickers. )
Woman: So which one is it?
Me: I would guess 40. I’ll look it up for you if you want, but from now on, please do your own work.

Don’t ask me what she was hoping to get from this. She was on the internet, so its not like she didn’t have google or anything!