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I work in one of two local branches of a chain pet shop. We stay open fairly late on weekdays, but close earlier on Saturdays, and are legally limited to six hours of trading on a Sunday. Our opening times are displayed in the window. On this particular Saturday, we’d been fairly busy, and the duty manager was letting the last customer out of the doors before going to lock them. A late middle aged woman is strolling towards the doors.

Woman: What?!? Are you closing?!?

Manager: Sorry, but yes. We close at 6 on Saturdays.

Woman: I need bloodworm!

Manager: I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in. We’re not insured to have customers on the premises after closing time.

Woman: But I’m desperate for frozen bloodworm!

Manager: I’m sorry, but I cannot let you into the store after we’ve closed!

(At this point a couple walk up with a number of young children are approaching the door)

Mother: What? You’re closing?!? But my children have been waiting ALL DAY to get a hamster!

Manager: And I’m sorry, but we are closed, as we close at 6pm on a Saturday.

(The family have turned around and are walking away, as has the woman, but not before she turns back a little.)

Woman: (As though this is a threat.) I won’t be coming back!

Thankfully, the duty manager can close and lock the doors, and we share a little laugh about how her contribution of a few pounds will cripple the company. In my head I note how this supposedly desperate woman would struggle to get her frozen bloodworm as we were the only retailer in the area that stocked them aside from our sister store at the opposite end of town that would be open on Sundays, as nowhere else would be open on this particular evening. Lo and behold, she came into our store for her frozen bloodworm the following day.