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(I’m visiting an uncle in the hospital when I hear this exchange between a doctor and various patients, nurses and residents.)

Patient #1: Excuse me, but I want to be seen by a doctor.

Doctor: I am a doctor.

Patient #1: Sorry, but you’re obviously a nurse, sweetheart.

Resident: Hey, nurse. Yeah. Can you get this thing for me? Hurry up!

Doctor: I am an emergency physician and your superior.

Patient #2: Sorry, but you look too ditzy to be a doctor. Can I see someone else? No offense, but women doctors creep me the f*ck out.

Doctor, muttering under her breath: The next f*cking time I hear that I’m going to f*cking beat someone with my degree.

(The funny thing was, she was the only doctor in the ER at the moment. So she wound up having to treat a whole slew of aggravating, sexist, racist or just plain dumb patients. There was one guy who was hitting on her the whole time, bragging about how he could ‘provide immense sexual pleasure.’ Yeah, right. His penis was stuck in a water bottle, which was the whole reason he was at the hospital.)