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(I’m working the front desk, which means I watch the book sale table and check out books. It’s near closing so we are fairly quiet.)

Man: *walks over from book sale table* “Ya got any books about that black war?”

Me:*unsure about what he means* “I’m not sure, is there anything in particular you are searching for?” (I’m hoping for clarification at this point)

Man:*slightly annoyed*”It’s really popular. The one we had in 1963.”

(I’m thinking he’s talking about the Vietnam war now, still not sure why he called it the black war though.)

Me:”We don’t have anything on Vietnam on the sales table, however we do have some available for check out.”

Man:”That ain’t it! (His is voice is loud enough that another patron looks over from where they were browsing) “It’s the one where the Yankees and the Rednecks were fighting. They killed each other over the black people!”

Me: *thinking he’s talking about the Civil War and trying to get him to calm down* “I’m sorry sir, did you mean the Civil War? We do have some on that topic.”

Man:”That ain’t it either! Wasn’t civil and people was just killing cause they hated the President and wanted their land right.”

(He then proceeded to walk out without buying anything or checking a book out. I’m still not sure if he meant the Civil war or not.)