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(I’m a single mom recently divorced. I try to take our daughter back to my ex husbands home country as much as I can. I have a good relationship with his family and want her to see him. I go so often I’ve been instructed to use the domestic line for entering which is much shorter than the foreign.
This time after getting off the plane I took my sweet time using the bathroom and brushing our teeth knowing we would be attacked by family soon.)

Me after walking up to the domestic costumes booth: hi! I was told I can come here now. (I hand over our passports.)

Random guy in the foreign line: That’s not fair! I know you aren’t from here! You have an English accent!

(I’m too tired so I ignored him and continue to answer the usual questions. The guy then got out of line and walked up right behind me.)

Security: stay behind the line and you need to be in that line! (Pointing to the other lines.)

Guy: she’s American! What makes her so special that she can cut?! Cause she has a kid?! Boo hoo!

Security: they are considered citizens! Go to the other line!

Guy: no! It’s not fair!

Me having enough: are you here on some tour?!

Guy: yes!

Me: well I’m not! I just spent 24 hours dragging this 4yr old halfway around the world to see her dad and his part of the family! unless you also want to marry someone in another country, push out their kid, AND continue to try and preserve their relationship I suggest you get back in line and stop worrying about how we get to go a tiny bit faster!

(The guy looked shocked and went back to his wife in the other line.)

Security: you’re not from here?

Me: I’m good at fitting in.

Security: ha! Enjoy your stay!

(The kicker is that the bags weren’t even unloaded yet. I watched the guy pace for a good 10 minutes. Yeah, we are all tired…chill out.)