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I was tearing tickets at my podium when a group of four, what I presume to be two couples, pass by. The first woman and her husband hand me their tickets.
Me: Hi! You guys are in [theatre #] and your seats are [seat #s]. Enjoy!
The wife of the second couple passes by me, her husband slightly behind. She looks at him and it becomes apparent that he has the tickets. He stands next to my podium and stares blankly down the hall. His tickets are in the hand closest to me, and it’s my job to take tickets, so I assume he’s holding them out for me to tear. I reach for his tickets, but he doesn’t let go. All the while, he’s staring blankly, and his wife is looking at him expectantly.
Me: Sir? Can I tear your-
He realizes what was going on.
Customer: Oh! Sorry.
The man chuckles and gives me the tickets as his wife gives me an apologetic look.
Me: You guys are in [theatre #] and your seats are [seat #s]. Enjoy your movie!