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I was a cake decorator at a major super store for 9 years. I have many stories I could share, but one stands out among the rest. A customer had ordered a signature cake. This is a cake where we take a 1/2 sheet (about 11″ x 15″) and cut it into pieces and stack it sort of like a tiered cake. It takes about an hour to do one, compared to 15 minutes for a basic 1/4 sheet and cost about $15 more than just a 1/2 sheet cake. So anyway, the customer and her friend show up to get their cake. I take it out to them and immediately the lady says it’s wrong. I double check her order and tell her that that’s what the order sheet says. “No, it was suppose to be a 1/2 sheet.” “Well, it is technically. It’s just cut up and stacked.” “No, it was suppose to be a 1/2 sheet on bottom with more cake on top.” “No, I’m sorry, they only come in the one set size.” Her friend tells her it’s fine and that they need to get going. So they leave and I go back to work. Ten minutes later, the lady comes storming back over demanding to talk to a manager. Our department manager isn’t around, so I call the operator and ask for a manager. I talk to the lady while we wait, and tell her that it will feed 30 to 40 people. She yells, “How the Hell is this suppose to feed 30 people?!” I said, “Well, you serve the top layer, then-” She cuts me off, “You want me to just cut it all up?!” I don’t know what to say to that, so I just kind of smile. That’s when she loses it, “Don’t you laugh at me! Do you see her laughing at me?! It’s my baby girl’s birthday and she’s laughing about this!” That’s when I gave up. I couldn’t say anything nice, so I walked away, and went back to working while waiting for a manager. My coworker in the back could hear the woman screaming up front and came up to see what was going on. She called for a manager again, then talked to the customer. My coworker got the lady to calm down, and had her pick a 1/4 sheet out of the case and then wrote on it for her. She told her there was no charge for it, and to have the door greeter call us if there were any questions. The lady finally left, and I had to take a break I was so mad. On my break, I ran into two managers and asked why no one had showed up. They both said they never heard a call for manager.