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(A young man in his late teens or early twenties came to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription. He didn’t have enough money for them, so he called his mom, who called our store and I picked up. It should be noted that the pharmacy I work in is inside a chain of grocery stores.)

Woman: Okay, so first of all, can you take payment over the phone?

Me: No, it’s corporate policy to not do that.

Woman: Well, here’s my problem. I’m down in [City about 40 miles away], and he needs to get those. Your stores are all linked, right? Can I find a [Store Name] down here and pay for them and then have him pick them up?

Me: You mean you pay for them at a different store and he picks them up here?

Woman: Yeah!

Me: …No. You can’t pay for them at one [Store Name] and pick them up at another.