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[I work in a popular video game retailer, and am a flamboyant gay man.]

One day, a pair of young men come in, one of whom is listening to his music, loudly, without headphones. I greet them normally, and they notice a poster for the new Call of Duty game on the PS4.

Customer #1: Where’s your Xbox version of this game?

Me: Actually it doesn’t come out until [date].

I point to the poster, which clearly states a date three weeks into the future.

Customer #2: It says right on the poster, man!

Customer #1: You know I don’t read!

I turn, thinking that’s the end of that when he says:

Customer #1: Why would they even make it for the PS4?! It’s so gay!

I’m surprised. Not only that people still use “gay” like that, but that he’d say it right next to me. Note: at this point in the consome cycle, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One flobally by 100%. I speak up.

Me: Maybe because it’s the moat popular machine.

He doesn’t say anything. A few minutes later, I hear;

Customer #1: I just don’t believe that! I like the Xbox more!

The funniest part? He doesn’t have an Xbox One, only a 360. He couldn’t have played the game on his presumably “straightv console, either.