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I’m in a large local park, it is a large open space with a few shops here and there, i’m waiting to buy some drinks behind a particularly difficult person.

Customer: Wait you overcharged me.

Cashier: I’m not sure i did.

Customer: Yes you did! those drinks are 80p you charged me £1,20!

Cashier: (looking the shelf he picked it up from) I’m sorry sir, the small bottles are 80p the big bottles are £1,20.

Customer: well i want my money back!

Cashier: Ok sir, if you put all your items on teh tray i can refund you.

Customer: No.

Cashier: I’m sorry? i can’t refund you for items if you don;t return them

Customer: what if i don’t want to give them back.

(The cashier starts to look very worried, none of the staff seem to know what to do. She tries to pull the tray and what items are left on there towards her. Suddenly the customer lurches forwards over the counter, without thinking i manage to grab his collar pulling him away, he falls hard on his backside.)

Customer: You , you i’m calling the police. (Runs out waving his phone around.)

Me: Are you ok?

Cashier: Yes, i think so. Thank you for helping i thought he was going to hit me.

Me: I didn’t actually think, i grabbed him and he sort of fell over.

Cashier 2: oh i saw that too, he fell over.

Cashier: Oh yes! he fell over of course he did.

Me: No i meant, oh of course. I will take a seat and see if the police show up.

(They did, they asked everyone what happened, and came to me. I answered honestly, but thankfully no charges where ever brought against me. The angry customer, was last seen getting force ably carried into a police van.)

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