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I work for a company that holds many parks and resorts worldwide all under the same name. This particular resort on Hilton Head Island is the smallest resort in the company world wide. Most of the resorts are on property at the parks aside from three others including Hilton Head. Hilton Head Island’s government is notoriously strict about resorts, especially family resorts. However, because of how we work around the restrictions and quirks, the resort tends to reach company high satisfaction ratings up to the point of reaching a 95% satisfaction rating, which has never happened before. At the time I was working at Front Desk and had a family doing an early check out.

Guest: Hello. I’d like to do an early check out.
Me: Well, that’s very unfortunate. May I ask the reason why?
Guest: We stay at [other resort within 2 hours of the company’s flagship resort] all the time and we were just expecting something closer to that.
Me: Well, I’m very sorry ma’am, but due to the quirks of the Island, we can’t do as much as they can here.
Guest: Ok well I think we’re going to stick with that other resort because it’s more fun.
[The checkout goes as normal and the guest is very nice and kind. After they leave, the manager on duty comes out]
MOD: Why did those people check out early?
Me: It wasn’t like [other resort].
MOD: Well… did they expect, an exact clone?

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