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(I work at a large 24-hour super center as a over night cashier, it is about 6am and I am on my last break for the day so I am sitting right across for the closed registers on my phone)

Very angry woman: “why are there no registers open?!”

Me: “oh, sorry I am on break if y-”

Very angry woman: “I do not use self check outs!!!”

Me: “okay… well if you just go down there… they have a register and the cashier will happily ring y-”

Very angry woman: “NO! No self check out!!”

(I just so happen to see a manager walking by)

Me: “hey, could you ring her up?”

Manager: “sure!”

Very angry woman: “NO! There is no light on! You know what?! Forget it! You just lost a $15 order!!”

(She stormed off leaving the two items she had which actually cost roughly $5 in her cart)

Manager: “idiot”

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