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(I am an adolescent korean boy who wears glasses)

(Once,when me and my family went shopping for my birthday,this went down)

*Walks into store*
Other customer,college age:Hi,how would this laptop work for writing?

Me:I have no idea.I don’t really know to much about (laptop brand named after fruit)

Other customer:yes you do!You’re asian and you’re wearing glasses!

Me:dude,not only is that racist,it’s unfair to assume someone knows something because of how they look.

Other customer:Listen,you’re going to tell me what I want or I’m gonna kick your little a** you [racial slur]

(At this point,my uncle,a six foot metal worker who has a reputation as a fighter in my town)

Uncle:(taps on dudes back) Unless you want to have YOUR a** kicked you’re gonna leave my nephew alone.Now,do you really want things to get physical here?

(At this point the kid looks ready to wet himself,and runs out of the store.After this,my uncle got me a new laptop!)

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