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I work at a fast food restaurant that serves burgers among other things. We have multiple burgers, including our garden burger that is commonly confused for our vegetarian sandwiches, but is easy to distinguish. This occurs during a lunch rush, and since I am in the mindset of getting customers in and out quickly, I’m used to asking questions fast in order to accomplish this. A women approaches my register, where the interaction occurs:

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to order a burger with a veggie patty.”

Me: “Oh, do you mean a garden burger? That’s our veggie patty burger.”

Customer: “No, I want a burger with a veggie patty. I don’t want to pay the extra charge for a garden burger.”

(The garden burger does have a slightly higher charge due to the ingredients that make up the burger)

Me: “Umm, I’m not quite sure-”

Customer: “Just ring me up for what I said. It’s cheaper that way and I’ve ordered it like this before.”

Me: “I’ll have to check with my manager about what he wants me to do.”

(The woman nods and I go over to my manager, who is handing orders to customers as they come out. I explain the situation and he tells me that I do have to ring it up as a garden burger, which I was thinking, but maybe she meant putting it on a different bun like the hamburger’s bun. The main difference is a potato bun versus a whole wheat bun.)

Me: “Okay, so you were wanting to do a garden burger on a potato bun?”

Customer: (becoming visibly frustrated) “Oh my god, what don’t you understand about this? I want a freaking burger with a veggie patty; how hard is that! Just give me what I freaking asked for or I’ll make sure that I get you fired for your incompetence!!”

Me: (taken aback) “Um, if you want, I can get you my manager so he-”

Customer: “YES! Go get your manager, maybe he’ll get me what I want.”

(I go to my manager again, and explain that she wants to explain her order to him. He agrees, and asks me to hand out orders in the meantime. I hand out orders for about five minutes, when I see the woman walk off. Thinking my manager had successfully taken her order, I walk back to my register. However, as I approach my register, I see him voiding the entire transaction.)

Me: “So you couldn’t get her order?”

Manager: (shaking his head) “Nope. I told her the same things you had, she had no issue telling me that. Then she demanded that I give her the meal for free because of all the trouble she went through. I told her I couldn’t do that, so I made her leave.”

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