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Our library has an extremely open donation policy — namely, that we’ll accept anything and everything as a donation, even if we have to throw it away five minutes after the contributor walks out the door. We have very generous patrons who have given us a lot of nice books, DVDs, and other materials over the years, but there are a few who use us as an opportunity to dump old, damaged, and otherwise unusable materials on us and get a tax write-off in return.

As one of my tasks is to sort donations and decide what we can use, what gets boxed up for the bi-annual book sale, and what gets thrown away, I’ve seen just about everything get donated — pornography and erotica, home videos mixed in with VHS tapes, vinyl records, computer programs for utterly obsolete Operating Systems, books in various foreign languages, books so mouse-eaten or water-damaged they’re illegible, etc. — but one particularly memorable donation stands out.

This particular donation was about 40 boxes of books, among them several boxes of Christian literature. There was everything from old Bibles and hymnals to books about keeping oneself pure for marriage, avoiding pornography, the evils of adultery and homosexuality, etc. And then, right in the middle of all these religious books, was a single copy of “Fifty Shades of Gray.”

I try very hard not to judge people for what they read, but the complete irony of THIS infamous book stuck in a box of religious literature was too funny not to share with my co-workers… or Not Always Right.