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I used to work for a chain jewellery/accessories store that has permanent discounts in place on some of its products. One discount is “three for two” on all earrings. Quite often customers don’t notice the signs and come to the till with only two pairs of earrings. Once it’s pointed out to them that they can get another pair for free, they are more than happy to grab another pair. One day a lady came to the till with two pairs of earrings. I told her “It’s buy two get one free on all earrings, would you like to choose another pair for free?”. This customer was outraged “I’m sick of places like you trying to make me buy things that I don’t need. Stop trying to make me buy more stuff!” Me: “Ma’am I’m not trying to make you buy anything else, I’m telling you you can get another pair of earrings for free because you are already buying two pairs.” Customer: ” this is what I want to buy, stop trying to make me buy more things” me “but ma’am it’s free”. Customer: “I don’t want to buy anything else” Me: “okay ma’am, here’s your purchase and change, thanks for shopping with us today”