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I work at a nursery which has 60 stores in the state and has been open for over a hundread years. An old lady comes up to me today

Lady: I have a plant at home and i want another one the same.

Me: Ok what sort of plant is it

Lady: It is green

Me: Yes is there anything else you can tell me about it

Lady: its kind of this high *makes super vague gesture between 60-150cm

Me: anything else?

Lady: I have seen it in one of your stores before

Note we get at least 20 new products each week in our store alone

Me *with the most sincere voice i can muster* Ok well i am sorry but i am going to be unable to help you today as we stock alot of species of green plants and without anymore information i not able to identify your plant at home.

Lady now looks genuinely upset: Ok ill find something else.

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