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I work in a bakery and every night we pull items off the floor that are going out of date the next day to mark them down in the morning.

So this middle aged woman starts looking at the markdown cart as I’m pulling the floor and I only have turnovers on it so far. So naturally she’s rude.

Me: sorry these don’t get marked down until tomorrow.

Her: no they get marked down today. (Here we go)

Me: im sorry mam. They don’t. They don’t go out of date until tomorrow, they are still in date.

Her: they go out of date tonight, so they get marked down tonight. That stuff over there is marked down. *gestures to the already marked down cakes that we always mark down the night before. Just the cakes*

I opened my mouth to explain that to her when she cuts me off.

Her: you know what. I don’t want this stuff bad enough to argue with you. I’m just not going to argue with you.

She starts walking away and says a snarky “You have a good night.”

She wanted me to bend rules just for her and I certainly wasn’t going to do so after she tried to tell me how to do my job and acted like I was stupid.