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(I’m waiting in line for an appointment to make a witness statement. A woman and her adult son are in front of me and abusing the poor policeman while the son is rummaging in his backpack)

Woman: I said, I want to see the warrant!
Officer: Ma’am, I’ve already told you, the officer presented it to you when he called by.
Woman: HE DID NOT –
Son: Ma –
Woman: Shut up, [name]. Listen, you f***ing pig, I work from 7am to 7pm, I took a day off to sort this s*** out and you’re lying right to my face! My house was a mess and he just barged in like a [derogatory term for people who live in mobile homes]!
Son: Ma, I –
Officer: Ma’am, I’m sorry, [other officer] isn’t in a position to see you right now –
Woman: NOT IN A POSITION?! *begins ranting again*
Son: Ma! Will you listen –
Woman: I said, shut up! Go away!
Officer: Would you like to speak to the sergeant?
Woman: D*** right I would!

(Officer disappears behind a door, leaving the woman to mutter to herself. Her son, looking incredibly frustrated, finally loses it. He shoves a piece of paper at his mother and waits for her to read it. She pales, clutching the paper.)

Woman: Why the f*** did you not tell me you found it?!
Son: I tried!

(The woman crumples the warrant and throws it in the trash can, storming out, while her son trails behind, looking embarrassed. At that moment the officer comes out with the sergeant to see me and no one else in the station.)

Me: Hi! Sorry that you had to deal with that, but at least she didn’t litter!