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(I work in a photographer’s shop where we offer a variety of services including passport/visa photos.
We have a studio area set up for this with a bright red stool for the customer to sit on while their photo is taken)

Me ; (usually after waiting for 5 minutes while the customer messes on with hair and makeup) ‘….and if you just take a seat on the red stool (pointing at said stool) when you are ready, please”

customer ; “oh here?” (usually pointing at the storage chest located on other side of room)

Me ; “no this red stool right here (literally putting my hand on the stool)”

Customer ; “oh ok, do I sit on it?”

Me ; “yes that’s correct, please” (when really I want to say ‘No Please do a one-armed handstand on it”)

*take photo, show them, then either proceed to get it printed or take another 20 because they don’t like how they look*

Me ; “Ok that will be ready in about 5 minutes (picture needs shaped and sized to passport/visa specifications, printed and cut out). If you just make your way back to the front of the shop there is seat if you wish to wait or you can call back for it?”

Customer : “Ok I will wait……oh there is a chair here can i sit while I wait?”

Me ; “sure that is what it is there for.”

*most times they won’t sit and will just stare at me the whole time I am working.
Would not be as bad if this was a one off but happens several times a day!*