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(I’m a 23-year-old white girl working as a barista/hostess. I was 21 at the time, with much shorter hair and heavy makeup. I still like heavy eyeliner and bold lipsticks, but my hair is much longer because I wanted to grow it out for once.)

Me: Hi, how may I help you?

Customer, an older woman dressed up all fancy: Coffee.

Me: What kind of coffee? We have cappu…

Customer: Plain black coffee. Now. I don’t have time for whores with no education. Didn’t your mother teach you to read the bible?

Me: She died (she didn’t really) and that’ll be $2.50.

Customer: Typical. Women need long hair to be worthy and shameless. Your hair is a disgrace! You look like a slut!

Me: Here’s your change and your coffee. Have a great day and stuff *deadpan*.

Customer: Take this *she hands me a bible, those tiny ones with only the last half*

Me: I’m actually an atheist? But, thank you anyway.

Customer: You mean *store* is hiring pagans now? I need your manager!

*I call over the manager on duty, a rather devout Muslim woman with whom I have no problems and am friends with to this day.*

Manager: What’s the problem, ma’am?

Customer: Oh my god! More LIARS and DECEIVERS?! I’m calling corporate! They will know of this blasphemy! I will not give my money to a company that hires slutty women! She sleeps with black men! I won’t have this! *she stormed out, but not before giving us bibles and spitting on us. She slammed the door behind her.*

*a week later*
Me: So, did we ever get anything from corporate?

Manager: Yes, an apology. Oh, and she’s banned from this store.

*We had great laughs about that and still do*

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