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(I work at a retirement community where the each of the three main building doors automatically lock at 8PM. Residents can use a key to get in or a phone to call security to have the door remotely opened.)

Me: (Community name), this is (My Name) how may I help you?

Resident: The doors shut.

Me: Alright, which door and who am I speaking with?

Resident: The front door.

Me: To which building and who am I speaking with.

Resident: The front door to (Building name).

Me: Ok, and your name?

Resident: (Name)

Me: Door is now open for you. Come on in.

*Resident doesn’t move*

Resident: Door won’t open.

Me: You will need to step to it.

*Resident shuffles closer to the door.*

Resident: Now, it opened. Thank you.