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I was working at a county library not too long after the Fifty Shades of Grey books had come out. I happen to hate the series (for the writing and the bad portrayal of the BDSM community) and my coworkers all know this.

Patron: “Do you have the 50 Shades books?”
Me, grudgingly doing a quick catalogue search: ” We do own them but the first is book is out, I can put it on hold for you. Do you want me to show you where the other ones are?”
Patron: “Sure.”
I lead here over to the shelf in the fiction section.
Me: “Here are number 2 and 3. We can check these out for you and you can pick up the first when it comes in.”
Patron, looking at the shelves: “Wait. They’re fiction?”
Me: “Yep.” Walks back to desk and tries no to dent desk banging my head on it.