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(As a cashier one of my duties is to make sure the drink coolers stay stocked up. The only time we can get that done is obviously when it isn’t busy. While stocking the drinks I kept looking at the lines and they were averaging 1-2 customers each so I kept stocking. While putting sodas into a fridge…)

Customer: Um.. can you ring me up or are you just a simple stocker?
Me: Sure ma’am I can take you over here (I already know what’s coming because of her tone of voice)
Customer: Good, I don’t have to wait for these other slow cashiers

(Biting my tongue I scan her items and give her the total.)

Customer: *swipes card*
Me: Ma’am it’s saying your card was declined would you like to try again or another form of payment?
Customer: OH MY God I don’t have my other debit card here. Can I use apply pay??
Me: You can try but most of the time it doesn’t work on this register

(She begins slamming her card onto the pinpad over and over again pushing it into the back of the pinpad where the cords are plugged in, while I watch holding in laughter)

Customer: Your pinpads here are stupid. She then uses a credit card.
Me: Would you like your receipt?

Me and my coworkers burst into laughter as she walked out.