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, | Unfiltered | June 25, 2020

A few years ago I worked for a pretty low fund video store (Civic Video). I opened occasionally in the mornings, but mostly closed at nights after being on shift from 5-8pm. As with any retail job you get to know regulars. On this particular occasion, the regular is an overweight woman who’s been striving to lose some of it. As an overweight man myself I sympathised with her struggle. She was pretty nice and always seemed to love a chat, so on slow nights I’d wander around the store cleaning the shelves along the general direction she’s walking, thinking to stay in range of any conversation we may be having.

One night she comes in, and as usual I say hello and ask he how she’s doing. She’s obviously made a lot of progress with her weight loss, so to be nice and encourage her I say “Hey, you’re losing a good deal of weight, you look good! Keep it up!”. She does her shopping, leaves, and I think nothing else of it until the next day. As I’m closing up that next night my boss calls, which is a usual thing. He likes to make checkups on how the shifts gone, and he proceeds to inform me that she’s rung up to complain about me. I asked for the specifics and he tells me she’s threatened to go to the police and file charges against me for sexual harassment, claiming I follow her around the store, pay too much attention to her and make lewd comments. I was crushed. I loved working with people and to have such accusations levied against me with a bare minimum chance to defend myself left me feeling distraught. I quit the job a few weeks later.