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(We work on a main street and as such we get a lot of customers who ask us for directions. I have very mild dyslexia, and can’t tell left from right. In order to combat this, I always point to direct people.
Despite this, my colleagues and I have noticed that no matter which one of us provides directions, customers always leave and head the wrong way.
This happens over a space of 5 minutes)

Customer 1: “Hi, do you know where [store] is?”
Me: “*Pointing left with whole arm* Head to the corner, and then turn up [Streetname] and its 100m up.”
Customer 1: “Great! Thank you! *Promptly turns, walks out, and heads right”.

Customer 2: “Do you know how to get to [store]?”
Me: *Stands up, and points with whole arm* “Sure, its 6 doors up the road in this direction”.
Customer 2: “Cheers!”
*Walks out and heads the wrong direction. Entire store cracks up with laughter.*

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