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(I work at a relatively popular fast food chain, which is conveniently set up right next to a nice grocery store. Typically speaking I wind up doing my grocery shopping after getting off work, so of course still in my uniform for the fast food restaurant. It’s worth noting the two uniforms for my restaurant and the grocery store are completely different in almost every way, including mine having a hat with them not. I’m presently shopping in one of the isles)

Customer: Excuse me, can you direct me to the desiccated coconut?
(Generally speaking I’m a nice person, so I decide to try to help despite not working there)
Me: I’m not sure… I think I’ve seen coconut stuff around, maybe a few isles this way?
Customer: (getting huffy) You work here, don’t you? Why don’t you know where it is?
Me: I’m sorry, I’ve never even heard of desiccated coconut before. As for working here…
(I tip my hat down, showing the name of the fast food restaurant I work at. The customer turned red, covered his mouth with his hand, and quickly turned to walk away.)

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