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(This is a regular occurrence, sadly.)
Me: Good morning/afternoon. Thank you for calling [Company], how may I help you?
Caller: Oh, yes. I need to confirm my appointment [or schedule an appointment/check my benefits/other health-care related task].
Me: I’m sorry, but you’ve called [Company]. We aren’t a doctor’s office.
Caller: I need to [do health-care task].
Me: I understand that, but we aren’t a doctor’s office. This is [Company].
Caller: …you aren’t [random doctor/health clinic/hospital/diagnostics lab/pharmacy]?
Me: No, sir/ma’am.
(At this point they either continue grilling me for a minute or two, apparently under the impression that I’m lying about not being a doctor’s office, or else they hang up. It’s not even that our number is close to a local doctor’s office; we get calls for hospitals, labs, clinics, and offices all over the city and have even had a handful of people from Colorado calling us. The name of the company also clearly indicates what we do—which is nowhere near the health-care field—and I repeat it multiple times, though it usually doesn’t start to sink in until I’ve told them 3 or 4 times. People apparently just don’t like to actually listen.)