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(Our phone system has the customer press a number to indicate what service they are calling for, e.g. 1 to place an order, 2 to make a return, with the final option being [whatever number] for something not listed. For each incoming call, we hear a beep, and then a voice indicating which option was chosen, e.g. “order processing” if they pressed 1, before the customer is connected to us. Many people press 1 no matter why they are calling.)

Me: Thank you for calling [company], this is [me]. Are you calling to place an order?

Caller: Hi. Is this the right number to call to place an order?

Me: Yes, this is the right number. Do you have your account number with you today?

Caller: I have my account number, do you need it?

Me: Yes, please. If you have it, or I can look it up with…

Caller: *interrupts*: Hang on just a minute. *moves the phone away from her mouth. I can hear her talking to someone who is there with her* Sorry, I’m back. Do you need my account number?

Me: Yes, ma’am.

(She does give the account number at this point.)