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I work in the administrative offices for several doctors who work in the neonatal ICU at my hospital. Our department doesn’t have a clinic, but the building does have OB-GYN offices, so we sometimes get calls for their offices downstairs and I am familiar with most of the doctors that work in the building.

Me: Newborn Medicine, this is Jill.
Adult male: Yes, can I make an appointment with [Random doctor I’ve never heard of]?
Me: I think you may have the wrong number, this is newborn medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
Guy: Yes, that’s where she practices. I need an appointment.
Me: …okay, is this for an obstetrician, or for a newborn?
Guy: No, it’s for me.
Me: Um, okay, let me look her up in our directories. *does this* It looks like she practices at [community health center not affiliated with our hospital].
Guy: Yes.
Me: ….oooookay. Let me get you their number. (I give him the number listed on Google, and assume this is the end of the conversation.)
Guy: Wait, I have a question. Can I make an appointment for Friday afternoon? I don’t have a PCP, but I had an accident and I just got stitches so I need to make an appointment.
Me: I don’t know, you’ll have to call them and ask. We don’t make appointments here.
Guy: Really? Not even for your hospital?
Me: …No, this is the administrative office for Newborn Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, not Harvard Vanguard, and the doctor you’re looking for doesn’t work here. Our doctors work with premature newborns, and are not PCPs. If you call the number I gave you, they can help you.
Guy. *clearly still confused* okay, thank you… *hangs up*