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(I recently rang up one of my more eccentric regular customers. He always says or does something odd, but he’s harmless and I always enjoy helping him.This happened during a slow time of the day when there was no line, just he and I.)

Me: “Alrighty, that will be $1.26.”

Customer: “Okay…I have change…”

(He pulled out a very old looking change purse chock full of nickels, dimes, and quarters. He put $1.25 worth of quarters on the counter, and then started digging concernedly through his change purse for a penny. He couldn’t find one.)

Customer: “Do you have a penny?”

Me: *looking around* “No…I’m sorry, I don’t.”

(At that moment the phone rang, so I answered it while waiting for him to find a penny. I could hear him muttering “penny, penny” to himself as he looked around the ground nearby and back through his change again. I hung up, and waited while he looked. I knew I COULD have just told him it’s alright to forget the penny but I became fascinated; would he give in and break one of those nickels?…or was that somehow inconceivable to him? I soon had my answer…)

Customer: *Grunts* “Well…I’m a penny short.” *shoves his coin purse back into his pocket and pushes the quarters toward me*

Me: *biting my lip to keep from laughing* “Okay, thank you, have a good one!”

(I don’t know if I witnessed some kind of OCD or just an extreme penny pincher, but it was definitely interesting.)