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I’m hard of hearing, always have been. Recently, I purchased a pin that I could put on my apron when I’m at my cashier job in a local “higher-class” store. Most people don’t see it. I’m a 22 year old female, and the customer is much older, around 50. This happens on the first day I got it:

Me: How are you today, ma’am?

Customer: Good *mumbling while looking away* and a cookie. And you, young lady?

Me: I’m well, thanks, but I’m sorry, what was that? I’m hard of hearing. Didn’t catch what you said. *I tap my pin*

Customer, after staring at it: Ooooh, I’m glad you have that pin. For a while there, I thought you were just spacy and kind of retarded.

Me: Spacy?

Customer: Yeah, when you’d get quiet without speaking. Not that that’s a bad thing! But, I’m glad I know.

Me: Yup. Just hard of …hearing. Your total is *total.*

Customer, talking loudly: Thank you so much! Have a good one!

Me, loudly: You’re welcome! Have a great day!