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A customer came in to return a bedding set she said she had purchased last year. She said that she had taken it to the dry cleaner to have it cleaned for the first time, and the whole thing just fell apart. She had a printout of a picture of the set, as well as one of our store signs showing the name of the pattern, pricing, etc, but no barcodes. When my cashier called me over for assistance, I noticed that both the online printout and the sign itself were dated from 2009. So this woman wanted us to give her the full 2009 value for a bedding set she has been using for 7 years, and for which she had no receipt. She continued to argue with me, seemingly in disbelief that she would not be getting full credit. As it is, my store has a ridiculously lenient return policy as long as we can identify the item, so she was getting over $140 in store credit, when any other retailer would have laughed her out of their store. She also continued to bemoan the fact that she had painted her entire room around this bedding set, and what a waste that is now. As if we should also throw in money for a gallon of paint or something. The crazy thing is that if she had had the actual receipt (7 years old or not), we would have had to give her the full amount paid, as sad and ridiculous as that is.