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(The pharmacy that I work for has drive-thru service. I’m servicing a middle-aged woman, customer 1, who is on a phone call via bluetooth while I’m processing her order. The person on the other end of the line is another, louder, woman, customer 2. The first woman is trying to get her to stop talking so she can finish checking out. She’s made at least 2 attempts to get her to stop talking so I can get the necessary information.)
Me: Ok, so just this prescription?
Customer 1: yes and… [customer 2], I’m trying to pick up my order at the pharmacy. Please.
Customer 2**suddenly realizing she’s at the pharmacy**:Oh, you’re at [pharmacy name] on [address]? Can you pick up [customer’s 2 husband’s] prescriptions?
Customer 1:I don’t really have any money to pay for his prescriptions (note: she doesn’t have a co-pay through the insurance, so she wouldn’t necessarily need money to pick up her prescriptions.)
Customer 2: That’s fine, he doesn’t have a co-pay on them anyways
Customer 1: I don’t know if I can combine the orders together **looking at me** can I?
Me: Yes, I didn’t check you out yet, so I can add on his prescriptions.
Customer 1: Do you have his info?
(Customer 2 gives me the necessary personal information. Customer 1 just sort of sits back while I’m collecting the info from customer 2, giving up at trying to control her friend.)
Me: Ok, so that’s everything, anything else?
Customer 2: no, thank you! [Customer 1], thanks for picking them up!
Customer 1: **tiredly** No problem **to me** I’m sorry about her…
(The customer finally leaves, and a pharmacist who has been in the vicinity speaks up.)
Pharmacist: All the crazy people come out at night…