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At least once I have the following conversation with a client.

Me: Hello, this is [law firm], how can I help you?
Client: How is your family?
Me: Good and how is yours?
Client: Good

Me: What can I do for you?
Client: How is your family?
Me: Everyone is good, what can I help you with?

Client: Can I have an appointment?
Me: Yes, my next available appointment is [date and time, usually 2 weeks out].
Client: Okay, can I come in today?
Me: No. The next appointment is [date and time], I cannot meet you before then.
Client: Okay, how about tomorrow?
Me: No. Look, I am booked, completely booked, until [date], I can meet you then, but not before then.
Client: Okay. I will see you Friday.
Me: No. Do you not understand me? Are you having an emergency? I cannot meet with you until [date] at the earliest. I have several appointments after that available as well on [date, day, time, options].
Client: Oh! Monday it is then. I will be there at 7 AM.
Me: Fine, you can show up at that time, but I will not be here.
Client: Why would you schedule an appointment for me when you are not there?
Me: I did not, you chose that time, after I already told you when my next available time is. You can either take the next appointment, a time after it, or I am done with this conversation.
Client: Okay, I will see you on [first date and time].
Me: Great! See you then.

[24 hours before the appointment]
Me: *calls client* Hi, we have an appointment tomorrow at time.
Client: Okay! I will be there.

[Appointment time]
Me: Where is the client?

[15 minutes after appointment, I call client]
Client: Oh! I’m sorry, I will be there in two hours!
Me: No.
Client: Oh, can I reschedule?
Me: Yes, but you have to pay $300.
Client: Okay, I’ll be in this afternoon.

[Later in the afternoon, while working with another client]
Client: Hi!
Other Client: Uhm, what is going on?
Client: I have an appointment now?
Me: No, your appointment was this morning at [time].
Other Client: Uhmm.
Client: That’s ok, [other client] you can leave now, this is my appointment.
Me: No, no, and no. You can leave, you are not getting an appointment. I have now cancelled our other appointment.
Other Client: You have the patience of Job.

[And no, this is not the same person every week.]