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(My coworker is training me, and he has worked here in the hotel a lot longer than I, so I often come to him for advice. He’s filing my paperwork in the cabinet in the back office, and I have the front desk. A check in arrives.)

Me: “Hi! Welcome!!”

Check In: “Hi, my name’s [Name].”

(I go through the usual check in methods as I’ve been trained.)

Me: “Ok, so, here are your keys and you’re all set!”

Check In: “One more thing. I want to use my reward points for this stay. Is that okay?”

Me: “Um, well, you can if you have enough points.”

Check In: “I want to do that!”

(This is a new request, so I ask the customer to hold on for a bit, and I go and ask my coworker about it. He tells me to tell the customer to call a special number to set it up, because we can’t do it on our computers.)

Me: “Ok, ma’am? You have to call this number to use your points, because I can’t do it from my computer.” *passes a note with the number on it*

(The customer gives me a frog frown, but takes the number and reaches for her phone and walks away. After a while, she comes back, upset.)

Check In: “I wanna use my points! I called but they just put me on hold!” *slams her phone and my note down, shaking her head in frustration*

(I get my coworker.)

Coworker: “Ma’am, you have to dial this number for redeem your points.” *hands her our desk phone and dials the number*

Check In: “Thank you!”

(The phone rings with other calls, and the customer spends a good while talking on the phone. When she finally hangs up, she has a big smile and I get her set up. Later, she wrote a review praising my coworker for being so helpful, and basically calling me an unhelpful idiot. Even though I was only doing my job as I’ve been trained to.)