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(I’m ringing up a customer who came in with her teenaged to mid-20’s daughter and who so far has seemed relatively normal. I helped her daughter find some clothes and started a fitting room, and checked on them a few times. Finally, the mother brings the clothes for her daughter up to the counter to check out. She asks me as she’s swiping her card, if she can get gift receipts for the items.)

Me: Ah, yes, technically, but I’ll have to return your items and then rebuy them because we’re too far in the process to do gift receipts now.

(Initially, she decides that’s too much work. About a minute later she changes her mind.)

Customer: I just want to get some gift receipts for her because she freaks out when she sees how much stuff costs.

(I start to laugh thinking she’s mostly joking, but no, she’s serious. I retreat. Also… our prices are on every single tag and hard to avoid seeing if you’re looking at sizes. At this point, I’m very confused.)

Customer: I’m so sorry about all of this.

Me: No, it’s absolutely fine. It’ll just take some time to do it all.

(I ring up the 2 more transactions: returning her items and then reselling them to her. She keeps getting confused about what I’m doing, even though I’ve explained it about 5 times already.)

Customer: Oh, I have another request for you.

Me: *dreading whatever is coming next* Alright, what’s that?

Customer: Can you staple the receipt to the bag for her?

Me: *relived* Oh yeah, of course. That’s nothing.

Customer: Okay, thanks. I just want to make sure nothing gets lost or anything.

(I ring up the re-sell, print the receipt, and go to staple it to the outside of the bag. She nearly leaps over the counter (which is very tall) to stop me.)

Customer: No! Not there, on the inside, here, of course. *points to a very specific spot inside the bag.*

Me: Uh, okay. *staples the receipt*

Customer: Thanks for doing that. I’m just trying to teach her routine and stuff.

Me: Right, okay. Have a nice day.

(Reminder: her daughter was easily my age or older and I’m 22. I’m not sure what happened here… Is the mom super overbearing? Does the daughter have no basic money-handling skills? I started to wonder if the daughter had some sort of mental disorder that meant she overreacted to prices or had trouble with returning items… she seemed otherwise neuro-typical. I have no idea, I’m still confused.)