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(I was working in a regional food chain, it was late at night, the only people working were myself at the register, and the head manager working the grill and drive-thru – note with the building’s set up, you cannot see the dining area from the drive thru at all and it’s hard to hear anything unless someone’s yelling. All of a sudden, a man and woman came in – they both reeked of booze and the man was swaying)

Woman: Excuse me, but the employee at the drive-thru wouldn’t serve us, I want to speak with the manager!

(I was confused, as I can’t see why he wouldn’t serve them without reason)

Me: That’s the manager…

Woman: Then I want to speak with the owner.

Me: I’m sorry, but he’s not here.

Woman: I want his home number!

Me: I’m sorry, but I don’t know it. (and even if I did, I couldn’t give it to them)

Woman: Why don’t you know, you dumb B****?

Me: Because I never needed to…?

Woman: Oh f*** you, you’re no f******* help!

(They stormed off, got into their car, drove around the building two or three times before speeding out)

Manager: (comes out from drive-thru area) What was that yelling about?

Me: A couple came in and complained that you wouldn’t serve them.

Manager: Oh them. They wouldn’t stop swearing and when I asked them to stop, they just told me where to stick my headset, so I told them that I won’t serve them.