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, | Unfiltered | June 17, 2020

(I work at an electronics store and have been for the last few years, i’ve had all sorts are nasty and nice customers but this one takes the cake for nice. also keep in mind this conversation lasted all of 2 minutes)

Walking around checking if customers need help, spot a guy by the tablets whom i’ve served before.

Customer: Hey, remember me? you sold me this tablet a couple months ago.
Me: Yes, hi, enjoying it are we, or am i in trouble
Customer: No no, just a question is all, what does this padlock mean?
(referring to the padlock that sometimes appears next to a URL)
Me: That just means it’s a secure site
Customer: So there’s nothing to be worried about?
Me: Nope, only if it’s red and unlock, as long as it’s green, you’re good.
Customer: well thank you very much, that is all i need to know.

The customer then reaches out for a handshake and slips me a £20, which just shocked me to all hell i stood shocked for a good minute, needless to say, it was a good day.