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(My first real job was as the head of the bargain book department at a chain bookstore in the late ’90s. I was a 19 year old punk rock dude, but that department was my baby, and even the managers would defer to me on the subject of bargain books.)

A customer approaches me with two copies of “The Physician’s Desk Reference”, one in a box and one not.
Customer: “Why are these different prices? I want the boxed one but its ten dollars more.”

Me: ” I apologise for that. We buy these bargain titles in lots from different vendors, and they are priced based on what we paid for the lot. These came from different sources, and that’s why the boxed ones are more.”

The customer walks off without comment. About five minutes later I am paged to one of the information desks. The customer is there with one of my managers.

Manager: “What’s the deal with the prices on these?”

I explain the difference, again, and the customer trots off.

This happened four more times at different desks with different managers before they decided to just buy the unboxed copy.