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, | Unfiltered | June 17, 2020

(We have a promotion where loyalty rewards members can choose to get more points, or they can get a free bottle of water. It’s clearly stated when they sign up.)

Coworker: “Alright, here’re your keys, have a great stay.”

Guest: “Excuse me, where’s my bottle of water?”

Coworker: *checks computer* “Ah, I’m sorry, sir, but you opted for more points instead of the bottled water.”

(Up into this point, the guest was somewhat calm, but at this, he flips out.)

Guest: “I don’t care what I opted for, I want a bottle of water, I demand it! I give this f**king company thousands of my dollars, so at least I should get a free bottle of water!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, I’m just following the rules.”

Guest: “Rules? The only rule is the customer is always right, b****. I’m calling the headquarters to complain!” *starts dialing* “Yes hello! I’m at [Hotel] checking in, I’m a loyalty rewards member, and these fools refuse to give me some water!”

Customer Service Rep: “Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, please put me on the line with the hotel worker.”

Guest: *waves phone smugly at my coworker*

Coworker: *takes phone* “Hello? Yes. Yes, I see. Okay.”

(As per instructions, my coworker gives him his bottled water and the guest snatches without a thanks and stomps off, oblivious to everyone staring after him.)

Me: *under my breath to her* “What an a**! Chewing you out for just following the rules.”

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