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(I work in a large outdoor goods retail store, and am the “hardgoods” supervisor – tents, sleeping bags, gear, etc. I am also female; usually this isn’t a problem. On this day, I saw a man walk in the door and head towards the sleeping bags. He promptly disappears as I am walking over to greet him. I find him lying down in one of the display tents, on top of a sleeping bag/mat combo.)

Me: Oh there you are! I was wondering where you went… you just disappeared over here.

Customer: What can you tell me about this? (gestures wildly)

Me: I’m sorry; I don’t understand… do you mean the mat, the sleeping bag, or the tent?

Customer: What am I doing here?

Me: Looks like product testing! Are you comfy?

Customer: What do you know about this?

Me: I know lots! What do you want to know about?

Customer: Well, tell me what you know. How much can you know? Is it your first day, or your second?

Me: Hahaha, I’m actually the supervisor for the hardgoods area!

Customer: you do what? What do you do? Do you know anything about this stuff?

Me: Yes, I know lots, what do you want to know about? (thinking: I already asked you this).

Customer: what do you do?