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My daughter and I pull up at a slot at the restaurant. She’s buying and knows what I want and is giving the order. I can’t really hear the clerk taking the order from where I’m sitting, but I’m thinking that my daughter has worked food service before, so the order shouldn’t really be going this badly:

Daughter: OK, we want the bag lunch special. We’ll have the two cheeseburgers, but on the first one, no cheese and no mustard. And everything… no, no cheese or mustard…. yes, all the veggies. And…. [to me] what do you want to drink?

Me: Cherry limeade, easy ice.

Daughter: [Back to employee] Cherry limeade. And on the other burger, mustard, mayo, grilled onions instead of regular, oh wait, tater tots for the first burger. And I want a cherry limeade too. [She continues like this for several minutes hopping between burgers, drinks and sides.] Oh, and lots of ketchup.

Me: Um, better tell her packets, not on the burgers.

Daughter: Packets… yes, lots of ketchup packets.

I’m dreading what I’m going to see when when the meal arrives. Not a minute later the waitress comes out.

Waitress: OK, here you are: one HAMburger, all veggies, no mustard, one CHEESEburger, grilled onions, two tots, two cherry limeades and lots of ketchup packets.

Holy mackerel! That’s what was in the bag. I have had simpler orders that have been bungled. And I have enough ketchup for a couple other lunches. I was glad to see that my daughter left a tip (not normal for this place) for the trouble.