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*phone rings*
Me: *first night on the job* Thank you for calling *hotel name* how can I help you?
Customer: *already has a attitude* I made a reservation for tomorrow at 10am I want to know if that’s too early to check in and if so is there a fee to check in early.
Me: Well ma’am check in is at 11am, but since I am unaware if there is a fee to check in early, I would recommend you call *time of next shift*
Customer: Um no that’s bull****. I want that information now.
Me: Ma’am I am unable to provide you this information that is why I’m suggesting you call *time of next shift*.
Customer: I suggest you find out this information right now because tomorrow I’ll come and beat your a**!!
Me: Thank you ma’am my manager is now aware of your threat towards me and your reservation with us has now been cancelled, goodbye. *hangs up*