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, | Unfiltered | June 16, 2020

I work as a gate agent for an airline. We had a storm right as our planes for 2 different flights were supposed to land. Both had to divert to another city. One was supposed to be landing within the hour and the other was going to be 5 hours delayed due to the crew timing out.
There were 2 of us working, so we divided the line. I took the flight that was supposed to be leaving soon and my co-worker took the other flight. It went fairly well but about halfway through the line, I got a customer from her flight. I explained that I was working the other flight. (Normally, I would have no problem helping him but we were in a time crunch to make sure that I got to fix everyone’s ticket from the 1st flight.) He said he waited in line. I explained that so had everyone else. I told him that whether or not she would help him next would be up to her and up to the passengers in that line who he would essentially be cutting in front of.

He refused to move from in front of my computer. I finally told all the people behind him, “If you’re going to (destination), please follow me to that computer over there.” I moved the entire line.

I understand that it was a frustrating experience for him but if I had catered to him, we would have had a riot on our hands. As it was, the line was already very upset with him.

After I finished rebooking all my passengers, I tried to find anyone on the other flight who had a connection that was late enough that I could move them to our other flight, then I helped my co-worker finish the line.

He did file a complaint with my supervisor and told her that I was helping other people from his flight, that I just refused to help him.