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So I work in a grocery store bakery. It’s in the afternoon, after 5PM when everyone else but the closer (me) goes home for the day. The phone rings and as I pick it up, there is a woman with a heavy accent and very broken English on the other line.

ME: Bakery. This is (me). Can I help you?

WOMAN: You speak Spanish?

ME: No ma’am.

WOMAN: Why not!?

ME: I just don’t know the language ma’am. I never learned it.

WOMAN: This bad customer service. I speak to someone who speaks Spanish.

ME: Nobody here right now speaks Spanish ma’am. (and this is true. Nobody in the bakery or deli does. As for someone across the store, only a cashier and the person at money services might, and they have long lines and can’t be asked to leave their area or ignore their customers to take a possible cake order.)

WOMAN: When someone come in that speaks Spanish? One hour? two? Three.

ME: Everyone has gone home for the day ma’am. Nobody else is coming in.

WOMAN: Nobody??

ME: The next person who comes in that speaks Spanish comes in tomorrow morning.

WOMAN: Tomorrow!? This is horrible customer service!

She promptly hangs up.

It’s horrible customer service to not be bilingual?