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Does Not Recognize the Pattern

(I am stocking up on ingredients when a young lady approaches me.)

Me: Hi! What can I get started for you today?

Lady: Yes, can I get a smoothie? A medium one.

(I wait a few seconds thinking that she’ll tell me what flavor she wanted. When she looks at me expectantly, I ask her:)

Me: Alright, what flavor did you want that in?

Lady: Oh, I don’t know. Where’s your menu?

(I point at it, which is literally a foot away from her. She proceeds to stare at it for a couple of minutes.)

Lady: Okay, give me your [drink].

Me: Okay, is there anything else?

Lady: Give me another medium smoothie. *stares at me*

Me: …. What flavor?

(She repeats the entire exchange {minus asking where the menu is} a few times until she has four drinks to carry off to her family.)

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