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(My older cousin with down syndrome was working at a small cafe in between competing in the Special Olympics. I also worked in this cafe at the time)

Cousin: Hi. What can I get for ya?
Customer: I’ll take a latte with soy milk please. *twirls bleached hair around finger*
Cousin: Sorry, we haven’t gotten our shipment of soy milk yet this week. I can get regular milk for you, if you would like?
(A long line is now forming behind this girl)
Customer: No, I’m vegan. Get me my f***ing latte!
Me: *steps in* Miss, I’m goingto have to ask you to leave.
Customer: Don’t butt in, you fat, ugly b****! *turns to cousin* I get that you’re special, but I want my f***ing Soy Latte!
(I’ve always been self conscious and formerly had eating problems, so I started crying. The two young men behind this customer step up)
Man #1: Listen, these two young ladies are beautiful. If they’re out of Soy milk, it’s not their fault.
Customer: (speechless)
Man #2: *turns to cousin* Would you like to go out with me?
Cousin: *nods*
Customer: *storms off*

(My cousin and the man are engaged now. I am dating the first man, and we are going strong.(