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, | Unfiltered | June 15, 2020

I was a server/waitress at a dine in theater and i was training a new server. He was on like day two or three so I gave him my money book and ID card and trusted him to close out one theater while i bussed some other theaters and took some orders. When closing out a Theater the guest is quietly given the bill while the movie plays, about 45 minutes until its over, and a little time later the server would check back to see if a card or cash was placed on the receipt so we can close out the tab and return the card or change with minimal interaction so as we don’t disturb their movie. We were busy and I thought the guy was ready to start with his own money book the next day so i figured he would be fine. Lo and behold, when i get my book back i see two crisp, extremely fake $20’s on the top of my stack. I give the trainee the dumbest and most shocked look of my life, then hardcore drilled into him which table it was (he didn’t remember) and how much the tab was (specifically the amount of change given.) But of course he didn’t know how to backtrack to whatever table it was. Even if he did, I had a hard time imagining how i would approach the accused customer without knowing for sure since I did not close their tab myself. And once the change is placed on the guests booklet and returned there’s no way to know for sure once the fake money is added to my booklet. On a night like that when i should have made an easy $100 or more in tips I walked out with like $50. (they must have gotten a lot of real money in change) Needless to say, since i was the deciding trainer if he was ready to handle the company’s money or to go back to running trays, he did not get bumped up to server. He left the company a short time after and i was the reason the policy came to place where all servers had to have a blacklight and bill marker pen. It was my own fault in the end i suppose. i was too trusting and paid about $50 for it.