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, | Unfiltered | June 15, 2020

Desperate for cash I returned to my home town and landed my self a job as a kitchenhand in a Chinese Restaurant. One night the local police station was holding a retirement party for it’s Police department head. As the night wore on the wait staff (all female) came into the kitchen one at a time all complaining about men at one table groping the staff and essentially being misogynistic douches. Determined to do something about it I glanced out through the kitchen window and looked at the table in question. It was the table with the retiring head of the local police station and his well wishers and yes I saw this happening. But who exactly do you call when the local police station who already get free food come and molest and assault your work colleagues. It was the longest most awful night I can remember working. I felt so powerless. This was some 20 years ago. I always regretted not doing something about it. If it happened today I wouldn’t think twice about “correcting” their behaviour.